"Seeking to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus in a practical way to the homeless, needy and destitute" .

ABOUT Christ Church Christian Care Center

The vision and mission of the Centre[ 5cees] is to demonstrate the love of Christ in practical way to children at risk from previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa 

We presently have 65 such children between the ages of 4-18 to whom we provide;


Since July 2000 when it was founded several have graduated, finding new meaning and purpose to life through the gospel and are now able to care for themselves thus making a positive contribution to society at large.

our mission

Is based in Christ’s concern to bring the little children to him for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them MATTHEW 19;13.

Make donations

By investing charitable money, we’re able to take bigger risks to support 65 children with shelter, food, school fees etc.

Help & support

By partnering with us through volunteering and donating cloths food,stationery etc.

our programs

Involves providing physical, educational, emotional, mental, social and spiritual assistance of black children under our care.