"Seeking to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus in a practical way to the homeless, needy and destitute" .

Founders: Rev. A Sunker (Mike) & Renu Sunker

Neither prayer nor empty promises can satisfy a hungry stomach

The Lord Jesus said ''Bring the little children to me and do not hinder them.

For the kingdom of heaven belongs to them’’ MATTHEW 19;14

ABOUT Christ Church Christian Care Center


Just imagine for a moment you are a 4-year-old child with no single relative on earth.
The only person you had was your mom who died through AIDS related illness when you were 6 months old.
You don’t even know that you are HIV positive and may not live to see your 10th birthday.
What kind of future will you have? If you ever had a future.


It was in situations like these that the 5cees was founded to demonstrate the love of Christ in practical ways to children at risk by providing hope, help, health, home to hopeless, homeless, hungry, hurting children from previously disadvantaged black communities in South Africa.
Since July 2000 when it was founded several have graduated, finding new meaning and purpose to life through the gospel and are now able to care for themselves thus making a positive contribution to society at large. Your investment in thier lives has made this possible.


We presently have 65 OVCY (Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Youth) between the ages of 6 to 18 to whom we provide:;


There is no (quick fix) solution to the challenges they face, however through the dedicated ministry of stuff, holistic transformation is gradually taking place for which we are thankful.


We have 60 children on the waiting list, but due to space can only accommodate 25 more. Plans are underway to accommodate 25 more OVCY children by January 2018 bringing the total to 90.
This is a massive step of faith for us and we trust that you will continue to partnership with us.
Just as a tortoise can only move forward by sticking its neck out, we too like the tortoise stick our necks out by faith trusting that God will provide the necessary resources.


Our future dream is to plant similar satellite projects in partnership with business and churches all across our communities.
However, this is dependent on resources available.


To all our donors, prayer partners, volunteers our sincere thanks to you from the stuff and children of the 5Cees.