our mission

Is based in Christ’s concern to bring the little children to him for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them MATTHEW 19;13.

Make donations

By investing charitable money, we’re able to take bigger risks to support over 65 of children with shelter, food, school fees etc.

Help & support

By partnering with us through volunteering and donating cloths food,stationery etc.

our programs

Involves providing physical, educational, emotional, mental, social and spiritual assistance of black children under our care .

We fight together

We are humans

WE care about others

We are humans

Our Causes


Special thanks for donations to meet diet needs of the children. Available is also a vegetable garden which is situated on a small piece of ground at the front of the Centre. It is maintained by the staff and children under the supervision of Pastor Mike.


Progress in children’s end of term results has shown improvement in their performance in their respective schools. Change of attitude towards the different school programs and their eagerness to going to school shows a lot of success.


The continuous therapy and counselling sessions that are conducted by different bodies with the help of the Care Centre’s Social Worker have given the children confidence and this shows a great success in their lives.


Children who came to the Care Centre while sick, others with HIV/TB, through regular medication and the monitoring of the health of the child, their health has been stabilised with positive results. Traumatised, physically, sexually abused children receive therapy and counselling.