Welcome to the Christ Church Christian Care Centre

A beacon of hope and nurturing in South Africa. Our mission, deeply rooted in faith, is to “Demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus in practical ways to the Children in need”. At our centre, we are committed to transforming the lives of homeless, needy, and destitute children, offering them a sanctuary of care and support.

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Our Main Goals

The Christ Church Christian Care Centre is devoted to transforming the lives of children in need.

 Through holistic support, education, health care, emotional nurturing, and spiritual guidance, while fostering sustainable community relationships and growth.

Join us on this journey making a difference

Explore our programs, witness the positive change we’re creating, and see how you can contribute to our cause. Whether through learning more about our mission, making a donation, or getting involved as a volunteer, your support is invaluable. Together, we can continue to provide hope and practical aid to those who need it most.

Education Program
Social Work and Outreach

Our impact extends beyond basic needs

Encompassing comprehensive educational programs, social work, and community outreach. We strive to provide these children with a foundation for a brighter future, equipping them with the tools to grow into empowered, self-reliant individuals.

These kids require your help!