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At the Christ Church Christian Care Centre, our programs are designed to address the holistic needs of children, encompassing education, social work, and outreach.


Education Program

We place a high priority on education, understanding its critical role in a child’s future success. Our approach includes conducting initial educational assessments for new arrivals, ensuring they are placed in appropriate grades. Recognizing the challenges that come with age and educational background disparities, we offer extra study classes and leverage e-learning platforms. With various schools in Centurion participating in our program, we ensure a comprehensive educational experience for all children.


Social Work and Outreach

Our social work initiatives are integral to our mission. We aim to rescue children from cycles of poverty and abuse, restore their dignity, and reintegrate them into society as empowered individuals. Our outreach efforts extend into the community, providing support and resources to children and families in need.

Upcoming Projects and Goals

Looking to the future, we have exciting projects and goals. These include expanding our educational resources, enhancing our social work services, and developing new outreach programs. A significant focus is on developing our new property in Gerardsville, Centurion, to provide a serene and conducive environment for the children. Additionally, we plan to build a multipurpose building for vocational skills training and a sports center, which will benefit both our children and the local community.

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The Christ Church Christian Care Centre remains committed to growth and development, constantly seeking ways to better serve the children and the community. Our upcoming projects and goals are a testament to our dedication to creating a brighter future for those in need.

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