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We recently hosted the Christ Church Midrand Redeemer team at the Care Center and we were delighted to get this letter from Christina Stanton. wanted to thank you for hosting our first dedicated Redeemer team to the Christ Church Christian Care Center this past July. Thank you for also hosting the day- trip to the 5Cs from our Christ Church Midrand/Redeemer team as well. Both teams delighted in spending time with you and the children at your facility. The CCM/Redeemer team was so moved by the experience that they wish they’d had more days on the itinerary at the 5C’s. The Redeemer 5Cs team hasn’t stopped talking about their time there- they were overwhelmed with how wonderful the children were and how great it was to work with all the staff. .

I’m very glad I got to spend that precious time there, as I was able to observe more of the work being done. I came to the realization that after years of visiting orphanages in several countries all over the world, the children at the 5Cs seem happier, more adjusted, orderly, conscientious, respectful, devout to Jesus, calmer and settled than any other orphanage I have been to. You are clearly doing something very right to produce children with these attributes, and I’m not exaggerating or talking lightly when I tell you I believe it’s the best-run orphanage out there. Thanks again for your leadership and amazing hospitality. case, we hope to continue to support your work to the degree we are able. Thanks again for your leadership and amazing hospitality.